CBD and Our Skin: CBD Topical Lotions

In a previous CBD Guernsey blog post we explained the endocannabinoid system (ECS), discovering that the body has cannabinoid receptors which are stimulated by CBD.

However, what we didn’t discuss was the benefits of applying CBD externally, ie using a topical lotion.

Our Skin

Before we get into the ECS and its function with the skin, we should really review the dynamic organ’s functions first. It not only acts as a protective barrier against the environment, it is also a source of hormones, has its own immune system and contains a plethora of sensory nerves.

Skin is made up of three layers, which are:

The epidermis, which is formed by layers of cells called keratinocytes. As the outermost layer it is waterproof and provides protection from environmental factors such as temperature, microbes, allergens, UV radiation and chemicals.

The dermis, which is made up of collagen and elastin fibers which are what give skin its strength and elasticity. This layer houses several appendages such as follicles, glands, and sebaceous glands. These help to reinforce the skin’s epidermis and regulate the body’s temperature and produce hormones. The skin’s immune system is also located here.

The subcutis, is the final layer which includes fat that acts as a fuel source, insulation and a protective cushion.

The EC-Skin

Recent studies have found evidence of the ECS existing in the skin, the main purpose of which is to maintain the balance of skin cell functions such as reproduction, differentiation and immune competence.

 Several cell types in the skin synthesize or create endocannabinoids which bind the two major cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 which are present in nearly all skin cells.

 Due to the high presence of these receptors, endocannabinoids affect all components of the skin contributing to their proper functioning.

 This is how they affect the skin:

 Epidermis: endocannabinoids activate the cannabinoid receptors on epidermal cells helping to regulate the its defense barrier as well as suppress inflammation in the epidermis.

 Immune Cells: The ECS controls the action of the skin’s immune and inflammatory system, only activating when needed. Endocannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects.

 Sebaceous Glands: a healthy level of cannabinoids leads to the proper functioning of sebaceous glands.Proper secretion levels of lipid-containing sebum contributes to healthy skin.

 Sensory Nerves: cannabinoid receptors are located on sensory nerve endings. When activated, the receptors can block the action of the structures. This can inhibit pain and suppress the sensation of itch.

.How do CBD topical lotions work

Our skin relies on the homeostasis (link to glossary article) of cell function. Just like taking CBD in capsule, tincture or vape form helps to maintain internal homeostasis, applying it topically can help do the same for the skin.

Cannabinoids supplement the endocannabinoids created by the our skin and mimic their action. CBD stimulates the receptors in the skin.

Many people use CBD topicals for muscle or joint relief as well as acne.

We stock a range of topical lotions at CBD Guernsey, some of which are specific to the ailment that you wish to treat. Head over to our shop area to see the full range.