Guernsey CBD – What you need to know about CBD in Guernsey


As of February this year the law for Guernsey CBD changed.  Here at CBD.GG we were the first company to be prepared for this change in the law and to start bringing in the best products so here’s a bit of info about how the law affects you and what you need to know about buying CBD in Guernsey.


Is it legal to buy CBD in Guernsey?


As CBD is now completely legal in Guernsey you can buy it providing the products follow certain guidelines.  Some of these are that the products must contain below 0.3% THC of the CBD content as well as be high quality oils with no visible plant material in the product.  Below is the section from the recent law:


In order for a CBD product to meet the requirements of the exemption, all of the conditions listed below must be fulfilled, namely to:

a) have its ingredients clearly labelled,
b) contain an aggregate of not more than 3% cannabinol or cannabinol derivatives relative to its CBD content, by weight,
c) not contain any other controlled drug,
d) have the matter in section b attested to by an official certificate of analysis provided by –
i. the States Analyst, or
ii. a laboratory accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for forensic analysis of cannabinol or cannabinol derivatives, and
e) not contain any plant material visible to the naked eye.


What else do you need to know?


Not all CBD products are created equally.  Bad quality ‘black’ oils are available at some well known high street shops for discount prices but will ulimately leave you dissapointed.  A good CBD oil will be pure, in a golden colour and also rich in beneficial terpenes, giving you the full spectrum ‘entourage effect’ – when the good qualities of all aspects of the oil combine to provide the ultimate benificial effects within the user.


Here at CBD Guernsey and CBD.GG we have done a host of research to make sure the products on our site are the best available.