CBD Tips for Pets

CBD Tips for Pets


The use of CBD being used for humans has been well documented, especially over the last year, but why should we be the only ones to reap the potential benefits from it.


We know about the endocannabinoid system that is found in the body, but that same system also exists in all mammals, including dogs and cats. This means that they have the same receptors that respond to CBD.


When it comes to choosing the right product for your pet you have a couple of options such as tinctures or pastilles/treats. For the slightly fussier pet the oils might be better, as you can mix them in their food.


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Here’s a handful of tips for giving your beloved pet their CBD:


  1.  Start low and slow

Dosages vary from product to product, and it is always advisable to follow what it says on the label. Every animal is different just like humans, so what dosage works for one might not work for another. Start by giving your pet the lowest does and see how they get on. Depending on their size and condition they may need a higher dose. If it doesn’t look as though it is working try giving them an extra drop. Always observe your pet for a few days to a week on one dosage before changing to see its effects.


  1.  Start with Oil

When you first give your pet CBD it is advisable to use an oil as you have more control over the dosage, plus you can hide it in their food. The oil is also more easily absorbed by the animal’s liver and will produce a less intense effect.


  1.  Monitor your Pet

As we said in point one, always keep an eye on your pet when you have administered CBD, especially if it was for the first time. Keeping a log of when and how much CBD you gave them throughout the day will help you to keep track and see if it is helping or if the dose needs to be upped.


  1.  Consult your Vet

If your pet is already on medication it is advisable to check in with your vet before you give them CBD, to check that there won’t be any interactions, just as you would consult a doctor for yourself.