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From the pure mountains of Switzerland we bring you Cibdol. These products are high in purity, strength and use the latest scientific processes, to ensure that Cibdol remains the best of the best.

Cibdol products now for pets!

Why CBD for pets?

Just like you, your beloved cat and dog companions suffer from a variety of mental and physical states that can be eased with CBD. From stress relief to better digestive functioning, CBD promotes more robust health and soothes discomfort. As you know, your pet is unique and sensitive to certain conditions and stimuli. That’s where the beauty of CBD comes in. This well-rounded cannabinoid works with your pet’s natural endocannabinoid system to provide them with the relief they need to perform at their best ability. Especially as animals grow older, their core functions can degrade, causing them to be lethargic and even depressed! CBD can be used to induce an energy boost that will put the spring back in your pet’s step!

Koi CBD have a versitile range of CBD products that can be used as drops under the toungue, mixed with your current vape liquids or vaped completely alone. A great taste and stylish brand in 3 strengths 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg

The CBDDrip line of products are perfect for anyone who needs large does of full-spectrum CBD.  The capsules are one of the strongest on the market at 30mg per capsule – perfect for althetes and people who need larger does for their ailments.  The Vape products are also our first products to contain THC.  At 2.91% and 2.95% of the CBD volume these are just under the legal requirements for Guernsey CBD law and may help people who find small amounts of THC help with their issues.

CBDfx provide many different full spectrum CBD products, so that you have ultimate flexibility in the way you like to dose. And most importantly, all of the full-spectrum CBD oil products come from partner farms in Europe, grown by hemp farmers who adhere to strict standards of organic and ethical growing practices. There’s something for every CBD lover at CBDfx.

CBD Ultra supply high quality Zero THC full-spectrum CBD extracts sourced from the mountains of Colarado, in products ranging from high strength vape oils to CBD Drops