1. All CBD Ultra products are ZERO THC which means we are one of a handful of companies in the world able to offer an authentic, Zero THC full-spectrum CBD extract. This makes our products completely legal to sell internationally, including the Channel Islands and other regions where a zero THC policy applies. All products are independently lab tested and 3rd party batch code tested and these reports are sent out with every order for complete peace of mind.

2. As CBD Ultra products are THC free they are completely non-psychoactive. They cannot be used recreationally and users will not experience the ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ sensation associated with medicinal cannabis use.

3. As the largest fully vertically integrated grower and manufacturer of CBD in the USA, CBD Ultra’s exclusive supplier is the only producer in the world able to use patented / proprietary technology that completely removes the THC from the oil, while leaving the CBD untouched and undisturbed. All the other naturally present synergistic cannabinoids and terpenoids needed to produce the desired entourage effect are also preserved.

4. CBD Ultra products are all derived from organically grown, medicinal hemp that is certified pesticide and GMO-free with no heavy metals present in the soil. We only use the C02 extraction method, proven to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly extraction method available. Due to our gentle refining process, our CBD molecules are not damaged or weakened by any harsh chemicals or gruelling refining processes – unlike our competitors.

5. Unlike industrial hemp that produces only trace amounts of CBD, CBD Ultra hemp is specifically bred to be jam packed with CBD, resulting in the first extraction producing an oil of 70% CBD – the highest natural amount of any supplier in the world.