Why choose Cibdol?

Cibdol offers the highest quality, 100% natural CBD oils made from prime European hemp. As CBD continues to be recognized for its many therapeutic qualities and medical implications, Cibdol strives to provide customers with the finest CBD oils on the market, upholding the utmost transparency in our processing.


Cibdol sets the gold standard with CBD oils, maximizing the effectiveness of the cannabinoid CBD, without the presence of waxes, fats and chlorophyll, that give oils a black color and pasty consistency. Through a proprietary filtration process in our Swiss laboratories, we filter out impurities, while leaving the important profile of active compounds in place, resulting in free-flowing, golden oil. Golden CBD oils are optimized to provide consumers with well-rounded benefits contained in easy to use, discrete to carry bottles.


During the extraction process, Cibdol CBD oils maintain a full terpene spectrum. Terpenes are compounds (classified as terpenoids) secreted from the same glands as CBD and THC. While non-psychoactive, terpenes help enhance the therapeutic potential of CBD oils through a process known as the “entourage effect”. This theory details how cannabis products are most effective when we allow all the naturally occurring compounds within to work together to achieve something more than the sum of their parts.

Scientific research has indicated, that within the diverse array of terpenes in plants and animals on earth, are a multitude of untapped medical benefits for the body and mind. At Cibdol, we pride ourselves in developing extraction techniques, that save these terpenes in order to create the most effective products possible. Our extractions undergo rigorous quality assurance testing to make sure we are always doing our best.

Terpenes account for the pungent aromas wafting off cannabis plants – they are also called upon to give our CBD oils a floral smell and pleasant taste. These often piney, lemony and earthy flavors help to bring in pollinators during the flowering period and keep out intruders, while providing a refreshing palate experience for consumers.


As a result of exponential demand for CBD oils, many manufacturers are cutting corners, opting for high yield extractions with the greatest amount of isolated CBD reward possible. This process however involves the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, which spur growth, but cheapen the medical efficacy of the finished products.

Furthermore, these extraction processes are carried out using carcinogenic solvents like butane, which sabotage the terpenes and flavonoids within, potentially causing unintended side effects during consumption.

Cibdol exclusively uses natural ingredients and safe extractions to bring out the full phytocomplex present in hemp. As such, all of our ingredients are certified non-GMO throughout every step of manufacturing. While these processes require more time and resources on Cibdol’s behalf, it ensures a more wholesome quality across products.


Cibdol CBD oils are made in our Swiss laboratories, where we take every measure possible to ensure precision in our results and transparency in our process. Maintaining years of experience perfecting our product quality, we uphold the high standards set by the “Swiss Approach”, which lauds innovative scientific methods and the finest finished products, all the while following regulations.


Despite what some manufacturers put on their bottles, cannabinoid concentrations vary throughout a crop and require testing and analysis to accurately gauge the levels of CBD and other compounds present in hemp plants. Even though Cibdol products contain all-natural ingredients, we have normalized extensive testing in our Swiss labs to confidently assert the potential of our products.

In partnership with Fundación CANNA, we aim to facilitate a more open and accountable cannabis industry, that strives for quality over quick capital gain. In addition to testing our raw materials, Cibdol tests the soil in which the hemp is grown for any signs of contamination. Our dedication for keeping products natural appears at every checkpoint before products are sold to customers. Our testing ensures, that no artificial contaminants or additives, such as heavy metals, are contained within our oils. Additionally, we test for microbial agents to eliminate any trace of harmful bacteria. Most importantly, our proprietary process ensures, that the CBD concentration stays consistent from bottle to bottle, providing the most accurate information possible.


Cibdol CBD oils come in different percentages to suit the needs of new and experienced consumers alike. All of our golden oils are effective and run the gamut of a diverse consumer demographic. Our CBD comes in 10, 30 and 50ml bottles – the former two contain three options of CBD concentration in 2.5%, 4% and 10% doses.

Our largest bottle is sold in 2.5% and 4% concentrations. Our lowest dosage is recommended for new users interested in experiencing the effects of CBD for the first several times. Our 4% bottles are excellent for regular consumers who are regimented in their dosing. Our 10% concentration is ideal for when you need it the most, as it provides the most effective results.

All of our CBD oils are 100% guaranteed safe to use, but it’s advised with any course of treatment to first dip your toes into the water before taking the highest dosage.


At Cibdol, we want to enhance the full phytocomplex spectrum of cannabis plants. As such, we won’t use 99% CBD crystals or other “pure CBD” crystals, as these supplements are devoid of the other cannabinoids and terpenes, that make CBD oils truly effective. Although these crystals clearly contain a lot of CBD, they offer a very limited course of therapeutic benefits.


In order to cut down on the presence of chemical additives in our CBD oils, we use the cleanest CO2 extractions in order to interfere with cannabinoids as little as possible. Unlike butane extractions, which aren’t beneficial for human consumption and leave a foul taste in their wake, the goal of our extraction process is to limit the prevalence of solvents in the finished products.


Not all CBD oils are created the same. At Cibdol, we ensure full decarboxylation to provide peak levels of CBD. Decarboxylation is the process of applying heat to hemp flowers over a sustained period of time to remove the carboxyl group and transform the inactive compound CBDa into active CBD, which then provides a comprehensive course of potential benefits.

CBD oils that are not fully decarboxylated are less effective, as the compounds they contain will be largely inactive. While some decarboxylated oils may be inexpensive to purchase, it pays to consider what you’re giving up when choosing the cheapest oil.


At Cibdol, we understand how much the consumer experience plays into the success of our products. Cibdol golden oils are free-flowing liquids at room temperature and hold up well to shifts in climate. Raw, unfiltered oils on the other hand exist in variable textures and calcify on the bottom and sides of the bottle, making the product difficult to remove entirely.

Oftentimes, unfiltered oils require warming up in water to even out inconsistencies; Cibdol golden oils are easy to use and travel with – they also don’t require additional struggling to intake.


A notable difference between Cibdol oils and unfiltered ones is taste. Without the presence of chlorophyll, waxes and other additives, that give unfiltered oils an unwelcomed taste, our golden oils utilize terpenes, that makes them easy to consume and give them a pleasant and cannabis-forward taste.